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A small tax proposal

Filed under: General — tripper @ 11:57

Well, it seems that  corporations are people is the law of the land, also, one of the few things that seems to be consistent in the rulings of the Supremes’, is that there must be equal enforcement under the law. So if corporations are people, with all the rights and responsibilities thereof, why do they get special tax status, their own tax rates and rules? I know my financial status would change GREATLY if all my expenses had to be taken care of before I paid any taxes on my “profits”. My food, my living/”factory” area, all of that paid before Uncle Sugar gets a single PENNY of my earnings. Just like the “corporate citizens” do.

How would your life change?



New game idea!

Filed under: General — tripper @ 16:12

Angry voters! Angry birds with Congress people in place of the pigs, of course there may be problems telling the difference.


A possible avenue for campaign reform?

Filed under: General — tripper @ 20:23

Ok, thanks to the Supremes in the US, money is a protected form of political speech, and corporations are apparently the only REAL first class citizens left in the country. So, we can’t restrict the amount of money a corporation donates to a campaign because we’d be restricting their guaranteed right. Fine. It occurred to me the other day that perhaps we’re going about this the wrong way. Maybe this is more a case for the “Activist Investors” to take a hand. So, publicly traded companies must justify their spending to shareholders, they’ve got to show how spending that money will help the company make or increase their profit. So, the next time I get a prospectus from a company, I want to see how much they donated, to whom, and how much money did I as a shareholder get by buying those politicians.


Net neutrality – market forces

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I would like to believe in the efficiency of market forces, but at least in the wireless markets today, where the market consists of a couple of types of shit, (verizon and att), contrasted with a couple of pieces of crap, (sprint and tmobile), most of the “force” in the market is expended in shoving it down our throats!




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I’ve had my droid for a week or so now, overall I’ve had a lot of fun with it. I’ve used the turn by turn directions twice for real now, it worked pretty well. The synthesized voice can be a little rough, and if you’re used to Neverlost, or the one built into my Prius, which give a little “bing” before giving you the next advice, it might even be a little startling. The second use was a bit less satisfying though. Not a problem with the phone itself, more one with Verizon. I was traveling through Utah to Moab. Since I started out in Salt Lake there was no trouble in the beginning, and everything was fine until we stopped for lunch in Price. There doesn’t appear to be a “suspend” mode for the directions, only an exit. So, I exited, had lunch and got back in the car. I tried to pick the map up where I left off, but I guess when I exited it deleted whatever it had stored, and as it started to download it let me know that there was no 3g coverage, so it spent the rest of the trip downloading the directions again. Ah well, live and learn. The funniest part about it, Price is considered a largish town in Utah terms, and it wasn’t important enough to have good coverage from Verizon. A couple of days later I’m hiking in Arches National Park, out to Delicate Arch. So, I’m there taking pictures with my Droid, and I notice, I’ve got 4 bars of 3g coverage!! So, in a “city” I can’t get coverage, but there in the “wilderness”, 4 bars? Do they have a map for that??


Prius vs Hummer – kinda

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When the 2nd generation Prius first came out, I read an article on Digg that claimed that the Hummer was the more ecologically sound vehicle. A bit mystified by the assertion I went and checked their assumptions. Basically it was that the Hummer was going to be driven for 300000 miles before it was junked, and that every piece of the Hummer would then be recycled. For the Prius, the wheels were going to fall off at 100000 miles, and nothing was going to be recycled. Well, sometime on the 24th my 2004 Prius clicked over 100000 miles. I wonder how much longer I have until the bottom drops out?? That’s also 100000 miles which I averaged about 50 miles per gallon on, with no real maintenance other than oil changes and a couple sets of tires. Any Hummer owners want to compare?


Shouldn’t he be disqualified?

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The Utah attorney general “accidentally” announced to a couple of thousand people over twitter that he was going to run for the Senate. If he’s too stupid to know whether he’s writing a normal email, or a tweet, shouldn’t that kinda automatically disqualify him for any office?



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I listen to the radio on the way to and from work each day, and today, I heard an ad that I found to be just totally sick and wrong. It was basically a bunch of different people reciting testimonial type statements. “When you come into my shop, and spend money with me, you make sure that I can send my kids to college.” The summation?? “Its up to us to end this financial downturn…get out there and spend!!”. Isn’t that that kind of thinking that got us into this mess to begin with? Just totally mind blowing.


Shall we pretend to be ethical?

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Ethics are very much in the news lately, whether it be corporate or government. For instance I heard a news report that the amount of paperwork that the poor lobbyists were going to have to fill out was about to increase six fold! This is due to a new law going into effect that lowers the amount that can be spent by a lobbyist on a meal for a legislator to 25 dollars. This being downtown cheapsville I can’t imagine which restaurants they would be going to, most legislators here would rather be caught dead than drinking alcohol, so that would cut bill by quite a bit! Sometimes the mind boggles. So, after hearing this on the radio, this afternoon my wife calls me just before she leaves work, telling me she’s leaving and that dinner is covered. Apparently a vendor came and gave a presentation, she works for a group of surgeons, and there was a TON of food left! Roast chicken, baked potatoes, salad, and chocolate brownie cheesecake for dessert! It was GOOD too!! I have to wonder though, while it was good, was it right? I happen to work for the same overall company as my wife, different divisions, and I know that I had to take several online classes telling me that this sort of behavior is strictly forbidden. When I asked her about this she replied that they had been told the same thing at the beginning of the year, but it had been rescinded for at least their division within the same month. So selective scruples are ok? Its ok to accept large meals if they’re only talking about drugs or medical devices?? Do I just have an overactive conscience? As far as government and lobbyists go, I think that if a lobbyiest spends a single penny in order to get time with a legislator, it should be documented and disclosed, but THAT’s never going to happen.

Any other opinions?

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