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Windows 7 Battery problems – data point

Filed under: Programming — tripper @ 11:15

I think I discovered a data point on the on going battle as to whether windows 7 is eating batteries on laptops or not. I’ve had my laptop since July, one of those “free upgrade to Windows 7″ deals, (but lets not get into that, its a rant for another day), so I did the upgrade over this last weekend. Now for a long time now, I’ve used one of those cooling pads, with the USB powered fans under this, as well as my last 2 laptops, and found that they can help performance quite a bit. Yesterday when I shut down my laptop I noticed that the fans were still running, even after the laptop had been shut down, but ONLY when the power was unplugged, that’s right, with power the fans stop, unplug it and they start running again. I’ve been using this pad with this laptop since I got it, and I never noticed this under Vista, even though my shutdown procedure is exactly the same every day, shut down the laptop, close the lid, unplug the laptop, pack it up and go home.

Anyone else seeing this sort of thing? Its an HP dv7, and I can’t find a feature anywhere for it saying, “Will run power even when shut off”.

Update, contacted HP and got a bios upgrade that took care of this issue.

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