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I’ve had my droid for a week or so now, overall I’ve had a lot of fun with it. I’ve used the turn by turn directions twice for real now, it worked pretty well. The synthesized voice can be a little rough, and if you’re used to Neverlost, or the one built into my Prius, which give a little “bing” before giving you the next advice, it might even be a little startling. The second use was a bit less satisfying though. Not a problem with the phone itself, more one with Verizon. I was traveling through Utah to Moab. Since I started out in Salt Lake there was no trouble in the beginning, and everything was fine until we stopped for lunch in Price. There doesn’t appear to be a “suspend” mode for the directions, only an exit. So, I exited, had lunch and got back in the car. I tried to pick the map up where I left off, but I guess when I exited it deleted whatever it had stored, and as it started to download it let me know that there was no 3g coverage, so it spent the rest of the trip downloading the directions again. Ah well, live and learn. The funniest part about it, Price is considered a largish town in Utah terms, and it wasn’t important enough to have good coverage from Verizon. A couple of days later I’m hiking in Arches National Park, out to Delicate Arch. So, I’m there taking pictures with my Droid, and I notice, I’ve got 4 bars of 3g coverage!! So, in a “city” I can’t get coverage, but there in the “wilderness”, 4 bars? Do they have a map for that??

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