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Prius vs Hummer – kinda

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When the 2nd generation Prius first came out, I read an article on Digg that claimed that the Hummer was the more ecologically sound vehicle. A bit mystified by the assertion I went and checked their assumptions. Basically it was that the Hummer was going to be driven for 300000 miles before it was junked, and that every piece of the Hummer would then be recycled. For the Prius, the wheels were going to fall off at 100000 miles, and nothing was going to be recycled. Well, sometime on the 24th my 2004 Prius clicked over 100000 miles. I wonder how much longer I have until the bottom drops out?? That’s also 100000 miles which I averaged about 50 miles per gallon on, with no real maintenance other than oil changes and a couple sets of tires. Any Hummer owners want to compare?

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  1. I have heard a similar argument but on the basis that the Prius is a single person car whereas the Hummer/Suburban is a multiple user car. The rationale is then that for hauling people (which is what cars are for) a Hummer is more economical as it hauls more people per trip. For example, if a Hummer gets 15 MPG then hauling 4 people it is getting 60 MPGP (miles per gallon per person). This beats the 50 MPG you get in your Prius.

    Of course this argument breaks down in reality. First, having ridden in both, the Prius is more comfortable and more entertaining than the Hummer. Second, just take a look at the freeway during the commute and see how many gas guzzlers are hauling multiple people. You won’t make it above one very often. Also keep track of the more economical cars. You will find they are more often carrying multiple people. The reason is simple: people who carpool are more likely to buy a more economical car to begin with.

    Still waiting for the plugin Prius, or a Tesla or maybe even a Volt.

    Comment by Matt — 08/26/2009 @ 12:58

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